Yes Man!

Recently I watched the movie “Yes Man” starring Jim Carrey. This is the second time I have seen this movie and again, I liked it.  The movie is of course, funny and Jim Carrey is of course, “Jim Carrey”, but the movie had some fantastic points about how to live a great life. In the … Read more

The Tale of Two Home Buyers

The tale of two home-buyers (Or why the government should stay out of the mortgage business!) Let me introduce you to two home-buyers, the first is Mr. Frank Doodle and the second is Lisa Normal. They both decided they wanted to buy a house in the next 2 months.  Lisa, age 47 with 2 kids … Read more


Free at last!  After 7 days of this madness, I sit here and think about the murder of George Floyd, and the riotous aftermath.  Strangely a great feeling of joy has come over me.  Yes, joy!  I promise you that this article is going to piss some people off; it’s going to resonant with others, and hopefully; it will … Read more

Follow The Money!

Follow The Money! I decided to do some research after hearing over and over that hospitals get extra money for corona-virus patients because, although I knew it had some truth, I wanted to know the whole truth. Here is what I found… We all have heard of the CARES Act but I am sure none … Read more

How Many Credit Cards Should I Have?

How many credit cards should I have?  When counseling on credit and credit cards I often get similar questions.  They  range in categories of, “should I get credit cards?” to “how many credit cards should I have?”. The answers are pretty simple and very practical. Let me explain; Credit cards are a valuable tool for … Read more


THE WORST CREDIT SCORE! In this society, we all understand the importance of having a great credit score.  The ranges of credit scores go roughly from “horrible” of about 400 to “fantastic” of about 850.  This scoring system is determined by both our ability to pay and prior history of paying our debt obligations. If … Read more

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