Larry Steinhouse is Not Your Average Person.

“As a successful real estate investor and stock options trader, Larry has escaped the rat race. Today, Larry spends his time teaching others how to invest in real estate, trade stock options, and make more money!”

Larry Steinhouse always dreamed big and knew he would be a millionaire one day. At 18 years old he bought his first investment property, a duplex in Easton Pennsylvania. One year later he sold the property for 50% profit! Larry says: “This was the first mistake I made, I should have held onto it, after all, it had positive cash flow.” Throughout the years, Larry has had successes and failures but each experience carried with it a lesson. Learn more

Later, Larry obtained his real estate license and became one of the top agents in his brokerage. He took that knowledge and used it to train others eventually becoming a broker himself. Learn more

After many years of ups and downs in real estate, Larry decided to move into the stock market, specifically with stock options. When he wasn’t seeing the returns he had hoped for he decided to create a set of rules to trade by. Since following these rules, Larry consistently makes 6 figures or more a year from trading. Learn more

Recently Larry opened a school where he and his co-founder Phil Falcone teach students how to invest in real estate, trade stock options, and make more money. They started Investor Schooling so they could help others achieve success. Learn more

You might hate him at times and you might want to quit. But after a while Larry Steinhouse will make you become what you want to be!