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Larry Steinhouse is Not Your Average Person.

“As a successful real estate investor and a successful stock options trader, Larry no longer has to go into the daily rat race.  Instead, Larry spends his time helping others to learn stock options trading, real estate investing, and general finance.”

Ever since Larry was eight years old, he knew he was an entrepreneur.  At 11 years old you could find Larry installing
car stereos at the local Radio Shack. Larry always dreams big and knew he would be a millionaire when he grew up.

Of course, Larry faced challenges along the way.

At 18 years old, Larry bought his first investment property.  It was a two family house located in Easton Pennsylvania.  He sold the property for 50% profit in one year.  Larry often says, “This was the first mistake I made in real estate.  I should have held onto it, after all, it had positive cash flow.”

Throughout the years, Larry has had mixed success in businesses but in every failure, he learned something valuable to bring to the next venture.

After investing many years in real estate, Larry also obtained his real estate broker’s license, helping many others to buy profitable real estate.  Larry also became one of the top agents in the agency that employed him and has several awards and accolades from those days.  He took that knowledge and used it to train others to become top producers in real estate.

Larry is a great motivator!  Even his license plate says MOTIV8R.  He has coached and counseled many people into success. These successes include money, business, Stock Options, Real Estate Investing and an understanding of how money actually works for you to make you more money.  Some of this coaching even includes budget making, reducing debt, rebuilding credit scores and how to find money for investing.

For the past few years, Larry has become quite the stock market guru.  After many years of hit and miss stock options trading, Larry has created a set of rules that he has successfully used to make hundreds of thousands of dollars in stock options trading. You can visit www.crazyoptionstrader.com and get a free e-book to learn how you can make incredible returns with stock options.

A few years ago, in 2008, Larry ran into a little bit of financial difficulty, and as many from those years had to file for bankruptcy.  Larry took that opportunity as a hard learned lesson and rebuilt his life, his financial net worth to over a million dollars, and rebuilt his credit score to be in the 700’s.

In fact, Larry wrote a book in 2009 called, “If I Won 25 Million Dollars in the Lottery. In this book, Larry outlines how he is going to rebuild it all.
Of course, it worked perfectly!  Using the concepts in the book and other practical concepts, Larry now teaches, and coaches others to change their life!


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