You Have Probably Seen My Truck That Says:
“I Buy Houses”, and Wondered,
“How Does That Really Work?”

First, you should know, I am not looking to just make low-ball offers to unsuspecting homeowners.
Many times I am an option that can help people save their credit, help them move right away, or simply get out of a payment they no longer want to make.

  • I have helped landlords that didn’t want to be landlords anymore.
  • I have helped divorcing couples who just need to sell their house now, to move on
    with their lives. 
  • I have helped people in the Military who were being deployed and couldn’t
    sell their house fast enough through a realtor.
  • I have helped people who are transferring to a new state and need to sell quickly.
  • I have helped Executors of estates to sell a house left to heirs to settle the estate quicker.
  • I have helped hundreds of people throughout the country and each has their own story.

If you have a house to sell, I may be a good option and I promise…

  • To be discrete
  • To be caring and kind
  • To listen to your needs
  • Offer helpful advice, even if I don’t buy the home
  • Offer you a fair price and terms that will be a win-win for both of us.

If you, or someone you know needs to sell a home quickly, please call me at 215-378-9190

Larry Steinhouse