Classes and Coaching

Our new education and coaching programs are going to offer so much more, and here they are!

Need to Succeed Plan with 1 Year Access Now $3000 

1 YEAR Access to the School library of Videos*
1 Year Access to School classes held Thursdays with Saturday classes available at an additional fee
Real Estate Courses include
Clean and Sweep
Buy and Hold Strategies
Trusts LLC and other important ways to hold title
Getting Private Money
Buying Houses “Subject to” (mortgage payment takeovers)
Marketing for all the houses you will ever need
Evaluating a good deal
Credit Building
Taking control of your finances
Table Talk (How to talk to sellers and find their pain)
Wholesaling to yourself for quick profit
Tenant management
Tax Tips
How to pay off your mortgage early
How to build a real nest egg for college or retirement
Access to Private Facebook Group

As a bonus: you will have access to current students to talk about or sell your deal to

Stock Options Courses Include
Understanding the Stock Market
What are Calls and Puts
How to read chart data for picking stocks
Access to Private Facebook groups

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Need to Succeed Plan



*Videos are currently being produced. If you would like to be an audience participant in the videos please let us know.


Personal Success Plan with 1 Year Access Now $7500 


You get all of the things included in the Need to Succeed plan

Group coaching Mastermind meetings on Mondays 
Motivational Text Messages related to your program
Virtual and Live tours of Properties for sale and under construction
Ask us to evaluate a deal for you
Email blast to our wholesale property list to help market your properties
Access to sample paperwork that we use in our deals to make everything work smoothly


Stock Options “buy and sell” suggestions
Help set up your TD Ameritrade Account
Teach how to buy and sell using options chains
Techniques to read charts
Access to the stock picks of the Crazy Options Trader

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Personal Success Plan 



 Personal Success Plus Coaching for 2 Years with Lifetime Warranty* Now $14,500
For a Limited Time $9,900 

Personal Plus Plan
Private Access to leaders of the school
Personal One on One Coaching up to 1x week*
Help you “Get out of your way”
Introduction to our Private Lenders
Will help you negotiate a deal on your behalf
Will help you Negotiate with your private lenders
We will walk through properties either live or virtually to help you assess them for purchase
Additional Sample paperwork for Trusts

Additional Stock Options Techniques such as
Covered Calls
Naked PUTS
and Other Advanced Trading Ideas

Get The
Personal Success Plus: 


*Lifetime Warranty:
If in 2 years you have not made your initial cost for the class back  (in either real estate or stock options), we will continue to train you for free until you do, but you must show up! 

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